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About Me


I’m Jessica, the girl behind the camera with Moonbelle Photography. I believe the first step in having an incredible photography experience, is getting to know one another. Whether by email, phone, or over a delicious pour-over coffee at my office, knowing YOU helps me do my job that much better. It gives me a chance to elevate your photos from ordinary to extraordinary. And because turnabout is fair play, I’ll start.

-I’m a mother, wife, dog-lover, and keeper of 4 unruly chickens (named Lorelai, Sophia, Blair Waldorf, and Anita).

-Malt chocolate Ovaltine is my favorite.

-I live for pour-over coffees (Octane please), and curling up with my favorite book.

-My heart longs to travel. I love exploring the world, and being able to photograph couples in the places they hold dear.

-I have an insatiable appetite for love. The honor of being chosen to document beautiful moments in people’s lives, looking through my lens to capture the first look between husband and wife—–there’s nothing to compare.