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Natalee + John’s wedding day began at the beautiful Coldwater Inn. The luxurious wallpaper, golden chandeliers, and plush interiors were the perfect backdrop for Natalee’s getting ready photos. I arrived to an airy suite bustling with activity–bridesmaids getting ready, the makeup artist carefully applying that last bit of eyeliner, and excited conversations for the days’ events. […]

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This day was filled with color, starting with Sara’s custom-made wedding dress. It lay on it’s hanger, utter perfection in a deep fuchsia hue. Gold sequins and beads were sewn into the light fabric creating sparkling patterns and swirls. Mustafa and Sara began the day at Sara’s family home–the perfect backdrop for their first look. […]

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I stepped into the house , my eyes slowly drinking in my surroundings. I was early so I took the time to look around. My feet sunk slowly into the persian rug below me. I turned a corner and my breath caught in my throat. A library. Beauty and the Beast has always been my favorite Disney movie. The private […]

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I arrived home early—sliding my shoes off as I came through the kitchen door and feeling the cool tiles beneath my feet. After making a warm cup of chai tea, I settled down at my computer and started downloading images from today’s wedding. Weddings often create a series of challenges–each unique to the day. They push […]

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