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I met Lacey and Roy in Green Mountain Park for their engagement session. We strolled though the forest under a kaleidoscope of perfect fall colors breathing in the crisp air. It was chilly and as we walked, Roy offered Lacey his jacket. She declined politely, but he pulled her close anyway–tucking her beneath his arm and kissing her lightly on the head. She looked up at him and smiled, the soft light igniting her fiery red hair.

And just like that, we began.

LOVE this! So so so so much. I can’t wait for their wedding in December!:)

Aren’t they the cutest? I love how sweet they are with each other!

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It filled my senses.

As I entered the dressing area I was enveloped by the sweet scent of Dior perfume, soft melodic music , and above all—-laughter. It seemed to punctuate the day, flowing from person to person–room to room. Inez sat in front of the mirror, eyes closed—receiving her final makeup touches as her friends readied around her.

Inez and Zach were married at Huntsville’s gorgeous mountaintop venue Burritt on the Mountain and the day couldn’t have unraveled better. Cool air rustled the fall leaves above as the string quartet played to seated guests.   Inez walked down the steps towards Zach, her cathedral length veil gliding smoothly behind her as she leaned into her father’s arm. Utter perfection.

Inez and Zach,

I can’t tell you how much I adored your wedding day! You guys have been AMAZING to work with (thank you for letting me drag you outside for one last night photo!!) I’m thrilled that you guys have found a beautiful home in Louisiana and I know your adventure as a couple will only get better from here on. <3 


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A cloud of hairspray hung in the air around her, settling slowly around her tresses like early morning dew.

“Do I look all right?” she asked, peering into the mirror and bending to tuck away loose strands. Sunbeams stretched through the window behind her casting soft light on her golden tendrils. The room took a collective breath inward before breaking into excited wedding day chatter. She looked radiant.

Later, in the courtyard, Garett prepared to see Melissa for the first time on their wedding day.

“How do you feel?” I asked. It’s a question I always ask my grooms. Everyone answers differently. Some are excited, nervous, reserved—a whirlwind of wedding day emotion singled down to one word.

“Ready.” He exhaled slow and long, hands playing at the dark rectangular face of his watch when the double doors creaked open behind him. Melissa walked towards Garett’s turned back, her heels clicking softly against the cool sidewalk.

Melissa and Garett,

I’m so honored to have been invited to share in your wedding day! You two filled the day with love, family,  laughter, and dancing (seriously, Armenian folks can break it DOWN!). I can’t wait to see what else your lives will bring you!


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Want to see more beautiful pictures? Check out Melissa and Garett’s engagement session HERE.


Venue: Westin Hotel, Huntsville

DJ: Metropolitan Disc Jockey

Catering:Westin Hotel, Huntsville

Makeup: Kimberly at MAC

Cakes: Pam Helton

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I’ll keep it short and sweet today. After all, I have to go eat candy  take my sweet boy trick-or-treating. I mean, how often do you get to hang out with Luke Skywalker?? (Not often enough I’ll bet) I’m joining the latest trend—Throwback Thursday. I couldn’t find any old Halloween photos but I did manage to dig up this little treasure.























You’re looking at me circa 2006—Wicked Witch style.  Happy Halloween!


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I could feel the blood draining from my face. Cold and hot at the same time—like chills. The feeling you get when something really terrible happens. Your body responds even when your mind is struggling to catch up.

My house looked….different. It’s like looking at a puzzle with some of the pieces missing. The tv goes there, my computer goes there….but where are they? I remember looking—actually looking around for them. Seriously, did my cats just knock over the tv? Was it somehow hidden behind the dresser? It’s funny how long your mind can stay in denial.


I may be getting a little personal here, but this post has been a long time coming and so difficult for me to write.

Sometimes, life throws you a curveball. On July 8th, my home was burglarized. After making a hysterical call to the police, I went upstairs to find  jewelry, cash, laptops, and more missing. I found myself hoping that the plain black bag would still be there (by the bed). The one with EVERY bit of camera equipment I’d saved up for over the years. My work. My life.

It wasn’t.

I felt broken. The next few days/weeks I scoured Craigslist, pawn shops, jewelry stores—to no avail. I posted to my friends on Facebook and reached out to my local photography community—and that’s when amazing started to happen. One photographer, Shane Hunter, offered me his gear and lenses for my upcoming wedding so I wouldn’t have to worry about renting equipment (insurance takes awhile). Several of my current and former brides called to make sure I was ok and offered food, babysitting, and company. (Seriously guys—awesome!) I also had a MASSIVE amount of messages flooding my inbox—from strangers. My designer friend (and former bride) Tarra offered refuge in her home. (Stocked with strong drinks, snacks, and Glee) My boyfriend’s parents opened their guest room to us. It was incredible.

It was a week before I closed on my new home. My family pitched in and I was able to buy replacement equipment with money I’d put aside for the house.


I guess the point is—yeah, sometimes life gives you lemons—big, sour, ugly things that you don’t know what to do with. I didn’t have it in me to be optimistic or hopeful. But others did. And somehow, the outpouring of love I felt from friends, family, and strangers—made lemonade.


These photos of me are the last photos taken with my old camera—captured by my sweet boy (and budding assistant). (And yes, I know I do weird things when a camera is pointed at me)

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